Used machinery
We have various used machinery in stock. Please contact us if the machinery you seek is not listed below.

All our used machinery is completely checked and revised before it is made available for sale.
Pictures shown here may deviate from the used machinery on stock.
Onion Peeler - Zwiebelschälmaschine – Uienschiller - Éplucheur d’oignons - Máquina peladora de cebollas - Maszyna do obierania cebuli
Several revised onion peelers available. Call us for details.

Screw Destoner – Schneckenentsteiner - Schroefontstener

Screw destoner SD-4500. Capacity of 2,5 – 4,5 tons per hour.
Length x width x height: approx. 1.750 x 885 x 2.900 mm
Feeding out height: approx. 2.300 mm
Water consumption: approx. 0,5 m³ per day
Motor: one gearbox motor 1.5 kW
220 – 400 Volt, 50 Hz or 60 Hz – 3Ph
Material: complete stainless steel except drive/motor
Optionally this screw destoner can be expanded by the Balanced Output Control system for a better peeling result of any adjacent peeler

Knife Peeler – Messerschäler – Messenschiller - Peleuse à couteaux - Peladora de cuchillas

Knife Peeler with a capacity of 2.000kg/hour for after peel of potatoes. The middle section is to feed in potatoes that were not peeled completely, so they get another peel (though not the full peel). 220/380 Volt, 3 phase. Screw : 20 revolutions/minute.
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bell pepper corer - carrot peeler - bell pepper decorer - potato peeling machine - onion peeler - gherkin grader - dofra foodtec - backus
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